Did you know that hearing loss can affect quality of life and take the fun out of so many different activities when untreated? Untreated hearing loss has been associated with depression, dementia, and even childhood developmental issues. Sometimes, we don’t think our hearing loss is bad enough or that we can just turn up the volume a little bit louder and avoid seeing the audiologist. Well, doing this will not make your hearing loss go away and will not prevent further hearing damage. So in efforts to change your mind about hearing aids, here are the top 3 ways a hearing aid will change your life for the better!

  • Work: Did you know the number one issue in the workplace that leads to many financial losses are due to communication issues? Communication issues poke their heads up in many different forms, and plenty of people without hearing loss suffer from these. However, hearing loss makes communication that much more difficult. A hearing aid can help open doors that were closed before. Hearing your boss becomes much easier and you can interact with your coworkers with confidence again.
  • Relationships: Have you noticed that people get frustrated if you have to ask them to repeat themselves in conversation? This is common with untreated hearing loss, especially when you are in a crowded place, like out to dinner or walking with friends on a sunny afternoon. Get rid of that frustrated feeling by using a hearing aid for these situations. Many hearing aids even offer speech recognition and background noise reduction to make hearing the people around you easier.
  • Personal Health: As already mentioned, hearing loss is associated with depression and dementia. But it is also closely connected to other health concerns like heart problems, sleep apnea, and more. Hearing loss can be caused by these things or be a leading cause to these health issues. It is important to see your doctor and or audiologist when any health issues pop up in life.

Hearing loss doesn’t have to take the fun out of living your life, and a hearing aid can bring back joy to life’s smallest moments. At Krista Szalc, Audiology, PLLC, we offer hearing aids and hearing aid accessories for all types of hearing loss problems. Contact us and get your hearing tested today