Whether you’re a first-time hearing aid user or a longtime wearer, advancements and changes in technology mean your new hearing system will take some getting used to. Similar to glasses and/or contact lenses, hearing aids can feel a little strange at first. But like with everything else, after a brief period of time and adjustment, you will get used to it.
Here are a few tips and ideas that will help you in adjusting to your new hearing aid(s):

  1. Learn about your hearing aid device. Even if this is not your first pair of hearing aids, you may notice some differences in technology. Many hearing aids these days offer an array of customizable options, programmable modes, advanced microphones that cut out sound, and wireless options to connect your hearing system to your cell phone or other audio sAdjusting Your Hearing Aidource (like a TV, computer, or stereo) via Bluetooth. Learning how to take advantage of these hearing aid features will improve your listening experience.
  2. Seating is still important even though you now wear hearing aids. Choose or ask for seats that offer the best acoustics, which typically means near the center of the room or in front of whatever the primary sound source is. Your hearing devices are powerful enough to catch most details, but until you get used to how your new units capture sound, good seating makes this adjustment period easier.
  3. Even people without hearing loss find it difficult to follow discussions sometimes, especially if several people are talking at once. In this situation, you should still be an active participant in the discussion; just move closer to the person you would like to hear and focus on him or her. As you gain experience with your hearing aid you will be able to master these situations with more ease and confidence.
  4. One common occurrence for people addressing hearing loss is how surprised they are at the sound and volume of their own voices. If you’ve suffered from hearing loss for a while now, you probably speak too loud to compensate for what you’ve been unable to hear. Try not to be overly self-conscious about it. You’ll adjust your voice and volume with practice as you relearn what it’s like to hear yourself at an adequate level, again.
  5. Hearing aid maintenance is very important. Follow any manufacturer’s instructions and advice from your audiologist to the letter. It’s also important to keep earwax buildup under control, and keep your hearing aids away from moisture.

Adjusting to your hearing aids may not be easy at first, but it will all be worth it. Contact us today if you have any questions about your new hearing aid device and how to properly use it. Krista Szalc, Audiology PLLC has three convenient hearing centers located in Western New York. Schedule an appointment today at one of our Hornell & Dansville Hearing Centers. Our hearing healthcare professionals provide hearing tests, hearing aids, as well as other hearing related services.