Did you know that poor hearing can play a significant role with memory loss?. According to the American Medical Association journal JAMA Internal Medicine, studies have shown that there is a link between hearing loss and memory loss. It has been found that hearing loss can increase the risk for problems such as, dementia. Research shows that those with hearing impairments who took a standard test of memory function, on average, had a 5 point drop after 7.7 years.
Here are the links between hearing loss and memory loss:

  • Stress on the Brain
    • A person who suffers from hearing loss struggles to hear what is going on around them. This struggle can end up putting stress on the brain, and due to the fact that you can not hear the sounds around you, your brain will have trouble remembering it.
  • The Brain Forgets How to Process Sound
    • Sometimes the brain will slowly stop processing certain sounds, and when that happens, the brain can actually forget sounds that are within that pattern.
  • Social Isolation
    • Due to the fact that some people stress the fact that they have hearing impairments, they all together avoid being out and socializing. This is unhealthy. Hearing loss and not interacting are linking to memory loss.

If you have any concerns about hearing loss, you should discuss them with a doctor. An audiologist can assist you in coming up with a plan to treat and prevent any further hearing loss. Feel free to contact us today at Krista Szalc Audiologist, PLLC. We  would be glad to answer any of your questions and assist you.