It is very common for most people to attribute hearing loss to old age, but with hearing loss that’s not always the case. There are other early signs of hearing loss that many people will ignore simply due to being unaware them. Presbycusis slowly changes the way a person can hear the important things around them, and before they know it, it can take away their hearing to what seems like an extreme level. This is why keeping an eye out for the early signs of hearing loss due to aging is so important.

Presbycusis, or hearing loss due to aging can start at a much younger age than more are aware of, around the 60’s. One in three people aged 65-74 will have presbycusis and you will hear the common phrase that “hearing loss at this age is just normal”. However, it doesn’t have to be normal for those who suffer from it. Often times, people who live alone have the hardest time realizing that their hearing is slowly become not as good as it used to be in their younger years. In this case, the person who lives alone will often have a person close to them who addresses the issue, but after some time. For those who live with another person or perhaps their family, realizing they have hearing loss may be easier because they are interacting with others daily. Eventually you realize, that you need the TV turned up louder than the rest of the people in the room, or that you are having a really hard time hearing women’s voices. These are all normal signs of hearing loss. Other early signs of hearing loss include having a hard time participating in group conversations or conversations when there is background noise or having to turn the volume up increasingly louder on electronic devices.

If any of these signs sound like they might be a part of your life, we recommend seeing your audiologist for a hearing exam. You should also start having yearly hearing exams as part of your normal check ups to be sure your hearing is in tip top condition.

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