There was a recent study led by Stephane F. Maison, Ph.D to understand how sound deprivation can affect the inner ear and cause hearing impairments. Researchers from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear infirmary discovered that permanent hearing loss can stem from chronic conductive hearing loss. Causes of conductive hearing loss can be any blockage such as earwax buildup or infections that eventually lead to a person having hearing impairments such as total deafness or partial hearing loss.  Although these problems can be taken care of in a timely manner, if the problem occurs frequently or is not being tend to, it can lead to a permanent impairment.
Researchers have realized that these kind of hearing impairments can alter synaptic connections in charge of carrying sound to the sensory cells and then delivering electrical signals to the brain. At that point, the signals are processed by the brain and we are able to hear different sounds. Once these connections are harmed, it is impossible to deliver signals to the sensory cells or the brain the same way as before. Due to the fact that there is no way of repairing this kind of damage, it causes permanent hearing loss. The extent of hearing loss depends on the extent of sound deprivation and how long a person with conductive hearing loss has prolonged seeking treatment.
Although it is obvious that your ears should be examined if you are experiencing an ear infection or wax build-up, many people prolong it until the problem is disrupting their daily routine. Now that the connection between conductive hearing loss and permanent hearing damage have been discovered, it is important to have your ears examined by a doctor when experiencing any kind of hearing issue.
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