Going back to school and football Sundays mean a few things in most homes. You get to be involved in the sports you love, see your friends, and have fun. Whether your kids are involved in their school’s football team, or you stick to watching your favorite team score touchdowns at your home team stadium, you’ll most likely be attending a game this year. There is nothing quite like watching a football game live, but did you know that the sounds surrounding you can damage your hearing?
sports-related-hearing-lossProfessional sport arenas were made with hope that no matter where you sat, the game or performance would sound great. Think about the last game you went to – was someone there whistling? Chanting the team’s name? Was there someone yelling their disapproval of the ref’s call next to you? These are just a few of the dangers you face at a sporting event in a major arena, but you can face the same dangers at your child’s school games too. One of the best ways you can work on avoiding sports related hearing loss is by wearing ear protectors. These come in different styles, so finding the pair in your price range and within your style liking is easy. There are the least expensive form of hearing protection and can easily be purchased at a local pharmacy.
The other options include bigger but more protective ear muffs or custom ear plugs which block more sound. Hearing protectors are a great option for the youngsters in the family, they are available in different sizes so you can fit them on infants to adults. Most ear muffs are noise canceling, but you should always be sure that the packaging specifically says noise canceling. Custom ear molds are the best option for adults, but require special appointments with a hearing specialist. If you frequently visit minor league or professional league games, the best way to protect your hearing is to have a pair of hearing protectors that custom fits your ear. These will last you longer than any other hearing protector and we can fit you for them right in our offices!
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