Did you know that and estimated that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from hearing loss in at least one ear? The severity of the hearing impairment can vary, but one thing stays the same. Hearing loss can be frustrating, especially when undiagnosed. Many people don’t have their hearing checked at the first signs of hearing loss, rather they wait until the issue has become unbearable. Hearing loss should always be treated as soon as possible to avoid any possible feelings of social anxiety or depression. You may know someone who could benefit from having their hearing tested, however they may not be ready to see an audiologist. Here are a few ways that you can approach a friend or family member about hearing loss and getting their hearing tested as soon as possible.

  • One great way to approach a hearing loss discussion is by asking how the person perceives things versus how you do. An example would be asking your friend or family member if they understood the waitress at a restaurant that you recently went to or are currently at. The person may say that the waitress sounded like they were mumbling or speaking very quietly.This allows you to find a way into the conversation without sounding accusatory.
  • Similar to the first approach, the second way is by bringing up a specific example of when you had a hard time hearing someone or something. Then ask the other person if they have ever experienced the same things. This can open the door to the conversation and allows you to pinpoint exact times where the other person had a hard time hearing.
  • Another way is by simply having your hearing tested with the other person. Find a audiology center that offers free hearing screenings and offer to have a hearing screening with your friend or family member. Instead of the person going alone, they have someone to support them!

Although approaching a friend or family member about their hearing loss might be difficult, in the end, it will help them with any communication woes in the future. Remember to always be supportive and receptive to their feelings and concerns as hearing loss can be very frustrating.
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