Regular hearing aid maintenance is very important if you want your hearing aid to last you. There are a few general maintenance procedures you can follow at home to keep your hearing aid running well between bigger scheduled maintenance activities. These will help keeps your hearing aid from running into any costly problems in the future and will keep it running like new. Follow these simple steps to keep your hearing aid in like new condition:

  • Daily gentle cleaning can help you avoid earwax buildup. Earwax build ups because about 60% of the reasons hearing aid users have to have their hearing aid repaired. You want to make sure that the microphones and receivers stay clean and that no debris falls into them. To do this, use a cleaning cloth, something like a microfiber cloth to gently wipe away any noticeable residue on the outside of the hearing aid. Make sure you don’t get the wax into the openings of the hearing aid itself.  It is best to do this the morning after taking your hearing aid out for sleep, that is because the wax has had time to harden and that makes it easier to remove. If you hearing aid has tubing, you should have received a small tool to help clean the tubes. Use that tool regularly to prevent troublesome ear wax build ups within your device.
  • Treat immediately if exposed to moisture. Unless your hearing aid has special water resistant and protected parts, moisture can be very damaging. Think about your daily routine and where moisture is an issue, remove your hearing aids and place them in a case. The most common example is when you shower. Your hearing aid should not be in the bathroom with you, due to the steam. Afterall, we are human and we make mistakes, so if your hearing aid is exposed to moisture accidently, you can remove the tubing, open the battery door and let it sit overnight on a microfiber cloth for drying. They do also make dehumidifying cases which work wonders too!
  • Prevent damage by using a case. Accidents happen, things get knocked over, stepped on, etc. You don’t want that happening to your hearing aid, so when you are not wearing it, place it inside of its case.

These are a few simple ways to keep your hearing aid running properly in the comfort of your own home. For any questions about hearing aid maintenance you can contact Krista Szalc Audiology, and we will gladly help you solve your problem. You can also schedule an appointment at one of our 3 locations to have your hearing aid maintenance performed by a professional.