Hearing loss can develop in many different forms. Perhaps it was genetic, maybe it was due to age, or from an ear infection. Hearing loss in a complicated disorder in that affects Meniere’s Disease & Hearing Lossevery person differently and for different reasons. One of those possible reasons is a medical disorder called Meniere’s disease.
You may have heard of Meniere’s disease before, but for those who have not we should first cover what exactly Meniere’s is.  Meniere’s disease is an inner ear disorder that can cause hearing loss, tinnitus, as well as pressure in the ear. Most of the time, the hearing loss due to Meniere’s disease fluctuates and is not always the same, one day there may be more pressure or ringing than other on other days. In most cases, Meniere’s disease only affects one ear. The cause of Meniere’s is unknown which means diagnosis is often dismissed as regular hearing loss or tinnitus. A hearing professional can help determine whether or not it is this particular disease by looking into the following common factors.

  • A history of migraines
  • Climate of living, Meniere’s is more common in cold climates.
  • History of middle ear infections as a child.
  • Allergies
  • Increased endolymphatic pressure.

*While these are not the only factors audiologist used, they are among the most common.
Treatment of this disease varies by patient but as of now there is no cure, only ways to improve the quality of life with Meniere’s. Many people take anti-nausea medicines, use a hearing aid or a meniett device.  The Meniett device works to treat the vertigo by applying pressure to the middle ear that counteracts the negative side effects of vertigo.
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