If you are new to hearing aid devices, you are probably familiar with the talk that surrounded hearing aids years ago. Older hearing aid models didn’t have the technology of today, which means there were plenty of complaints from hearing aid users. Thankfully technology has only continued to improve making the hearing aids of today, a huge improvement from the hearing aids of yesterday. Now features like Bluetooth, built in app-pairing, and improve sound processing are just a few of the benefits of new hearing aids. There are so many new benefits to discuss, but here are 3 ways new hearing aids are different than older hearing aids that truly stand out.

  • Improved Sound Processing – New hearing aids have sound processors are are lighting fast compared to older hearing aids. Faster processing means less time spent listening to the whistling sounds that used to follow hearing aid users around everywhere they went. It also helps make speech sounds come across more naturally, making it easier for the user to understand conversations and especially ‘s’ and ‘th’ sounds.
  • Directional Microphones – Microphones that can pick up speech sounds and other important noises from all around you, as opposed to just when someone is looking at you and speaking. New microphones can help determine the difference between important noises and general background noise. If you want to go out to dinner and have conversation you can, if you are sitting in the front seat and want to listen to the conversation in the back seat, you can do that too!
  • Wireless Connectivity – Being able to easily connect your hearing aids to the accessories available today means an overall better quality of life. If you want to pair your hearing aid to your TV, cell phone, radio, or even to a looping system in a public hall or theater, you can also do that with ease! Forget about the times when you were limited to when your hearing aid could help you, new hearing aids can be paired with almost everything in your life.

These are just a few of the benefits of new hearing aids, but your audiologist can discuss other benefits with you too. Schedule an appointment to learn more about hearing aids and how they can help improve your hearing loss.