Hearing loss prevention is very important, especially at your place of work. Hearing health should be a priority for any organization offering employee benefits. Large companies usually offer a benefits program that offers discounts on gym memberships or even has a program for discounted health insurance if you attend a gym. So why isn’t this the case for those who suffer from hearing loss? Anyone who seeks hearing loss treatment should be rewarded for their efforts to seek treatment, not ignored. There are a few reasons why having a hearing loss treatment plan can help employees in the workplace thus helping employers as well.

  • Hearing Loss at the WorkplaceDid You Know? According to the CDC, nearly 4 million workers go to work each day and are exposed to dangerously loud noises. This is why being aware of noise induced hearing loss is so important which can happen in any job setting whether construction, office work, or working from home.
  • Hearing loss in the workplace is extremely common. Hearing loss can be due to the job itself or due to illness, but regardless of the cause it can leave employees stressed and struggling to perform job duties because they are afraid of how their boss will respond to their disability. When employees aren’t stressed in the workplace they tend to perform better and stay longer.
  • Offering to help employees treat their hearing loss leads to a more committed employee and can lead to better job performance.
  • Did you know untreated workplace hearing loss can affect productivity and also revenue? This is just one of the many reasons why having a hearing loss treatment program set up in the workplace can pay off big time for any company or organization.
  • Untreated hearing loss can lead to a higher risk of accidents in the workplace. This is primarily the case for any employee who works around machinery or in any dangerous setting. Helping an employee who suffers from hearing loss can reduce employee absence due to accidents.

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