World Health Organization (WHO)Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO), a U.N. agency that works internationally within public health, released information on childhood hearing loss statistics and tips for  hearing loss prevention. Hearing loss can affect the social life of anyone who suffers from it, causing social isolation and depression, and as you may already know, it also poses a larger risk for children who are going through important stages of developmental and learning. Language development and social skills is one of the most important developmental stages in a young person’s life, and it plays a large role in their ability to communicate and learn in school. However, the WHO states that many cases of childhood hearing loss can actually be prevented altogether.
Millions of children suffer from hearing loss with many of them suffering from a preventable form of hearing loss. WHO estimates that 40% of childhood hearing loss is due to genetic causes while 31% is due to infections that are often treatable. These infections range from the mumps, measles, rubella, and meningitis, but can all be prevented with proper immunizations. Other preventable causes of childhood hearing loss including birth complications and pregnant mothers taking medicines they didn’t realize could harm their child in utero. Understanding what can cause childhood hearing loss and what can be prevented is a large part of WHO’s movement in trying to raise awareness about childhood hearing loss. Most importantly, they want to spread awareness of early hearing loss testing and also communication therapy for any permanent hearing loss in children. Getting early treatment is crucial for helping a child develop language and communication skills they will need throughout their lives, in both educational and professional settings. The WHO movement is trying to help spread awareness all across the world to help prevent childhood hearing loss. To learn more information about childhood hearing loss prevention, you can visit their site here.
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