Young man on public bus using mobile phoneWhat Are Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids?

Also called “OTCs”, or “OTC hearing devices”, these products are a new class of hearing instruments specific to the U.S., regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and approved only for those 18 and older with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. OTC hearing aids are expected to soon join the market, representing a new option for some consumers exploring their hearing-health needs.


How Do OTC Hearing Aids Differ From Prescription Hearing Aids?

Unlike today’s prescriptive and customizable hearing aids fit by a licensed hearing care professional, over-the-counter hearing products are designed only for adults with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. They might not align with one’s actual hearing loss, which could be greater than perceived.


Are Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Right for Me?

Self-diagnosis can lead to under- or overtreatment of hearing loss, both of which can affect your health and quality of life. The best way to learn what’s happening with your hearing and which solution most effectively addresses your needs is to connect with a licensed hearing care provider.


What If I Go Forward With OTC Hearing Aids?

It’s possible the OTC hearing aids you select may suffice in the present. Future needs, however, may require other solutions. Regular professional checkups can help you keep an eye on your hearing wellness plan and make any needed updates.


Three Reasons to Still See a Hearing Care Provider

  1. Hearing problems can stem from excess noise, genetic history, earwax buildup, infection, or some other source that self-treating with over-the-counter hearing devices may cause you to miss.
  2. Annual evaluations provide a baseline of your hearing health, making it easier to stay atop your hearing levels and detect a change.
  3. A hearing care professional can help you determine whether the OTC hearing aid is meeting your better-hearing goals.



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3 Year Service Package Includes: OTC Hearing Aids Prescription Hearing Aids
Complete evaluation of your auditory system by a doctor of audiology or hearing instrument specialist
Services by a Doctor of Audiology or HIS
Confirmed diagnosis of Degree of Hearing Loss
Wax removal services
Discreet custom fit options
Real Ear Measurements and Verification
Same day emergency appointments available
Loss, damage and repair warranty included
Unlimited follow-up appointments
Audiologic reports and hearing healthcare collaborated with your PCP
Flexible financing options available
45 day return policy

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