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Do you work in a noisy environment? Do you partake in recreational activities that cause loud noise? Almost everyone knows that loud noise can cause permanent hearing damage. If you answered yes, you may want to consider custom hearing protection. At Krista Szalc, Audiology, PLLC, we offer a wide array of hearing protection products ranging from custom-molded earplugs to custom-fitted in-ear monitors that can protect your hearing in loud environments.

Our hearing protectors are superior in terms of fit and comfort because they are custom-molded to fit your ear. The hearing care professional at Krista Szalc, Audiology, PLLC, knows that protecting your hearing is an important part of keeping your ears healthy and preventing hearing loss. By using hearing protection, you can help prevent future hearing complications.

A young woman wearing impressions which will be used to create custom earplugs

Our Hearing Protection Products Include:

  • Custom Fit Ear Plugs for Sleeping, Swimming, & Hunting
  • Custom Fitted In-Ear Monitors for Musicians, DJ’s, & Restaurant and Nightclub Employees
  • Custom Noise Ear Plugs for the Military, Policemen, Firefighters, & EMT’s
  • Custom Made Ear Plugs for Airline Personnel, Flight Attendants, & Frequent Air Travelers
  • Custom Hearing Protectors for Construction Workers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Industrial Workers, Motorcycle & Race Car Drivers, & Pit Crews
  • Custom Molded Ear Plugs for Members of a Marching Band, Athletes, & Coaches

Protect your hearing! We also offer less expensive, over-the-counter hearing protection devices for various applications. Contact us at Krista Szalc, Audiology, PLLC, for more information about our hearing protection products and hearing loss prevention. Proudly serving Western New York communities for over 30 years.

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