“Hearing Aids!? Yes, They Do Help!”

Over the past ten years, studies have shown that hearing aid users reported significant improvements in their quality of life after they started using hearing aids. More than half of the users reported improvements in their relationships and in their level of self-esteem. About 40% said that their lives had improved in general, that they felt better mentally, and that they had a higher degree of self-confidence. These studies reinforce what we already know – hearing loss can affect your overall well-being. If you or someone you know seems to be suffering from the consequences of hearing difficulties, now may be the time to be evaluated by a qualified hearing health care professional.

Hearing Aid Information

“This is not your grandmother’s hearing aid!” Digital hearing aids are now the industry standard, providing clearer hearing and advanced noise reduction technology so that you can enjoy your hearing again. With advanced digital processing, today’s hearing aids are custom programmed to your hearing loss, like a prescription. If your hearing changes shortly after receiving your instruments, you can return to us and have the hearing aids reprogrammed to match your hearing needs. Or if you simply need an adjustment to make certain sounds more comfortable, like in noisy environments, we can make various hearing aid adjustments to help.

Hearing aids come in a variety of styles: behind-the-ear, receiver-in-the-ear, and other various in-the-ear models. Each hearing aid style has its own advantages and limitations. When selecting an appropriate style, we will discuss with you the degree of hearing loss as well as your lifestyle needs and preferences. All of these factors are equally weighed in making the final decision of what will be the most appropriate hearing device for you.

It is our mission to present exceptional products at exceptional values to all our patients. With that in mind, we work with some of the industry’s highest quality brand names, manufactured in places like Switzerland and Denmark. We are quite competitive in our everyday pricing so that we can offer a hearing aid for almost any budget, from quite affordable to state-of-the-art. We include repair warranties, loss and damage warranties, batteries, a dry aid kit, a cleaning kit, and a maintenance program with all our hearing device purchases.

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