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Choosing the Right Hearing Aid Device

There is no type or brand of hearing aid that is appropriate for every type of hearing loss. Personal preference, degree, and type of hearing loss, manual dexterity, and the areas that need improvement will all influence your choice of hearing aid...

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Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids: What You Should Know

Also called “OTCs”, or “OTC hearing devices”, these products are a new class of hearing instruments specific to the U.S., regulated by the Food and Drug Administration...

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Diseases & Other Medical Conditions that Can Affect Your Hearing

Many people who suffer from hearing loss assume that it is simply due to aging and is a fact of life. As they get older, people accept that they need to wear glasses or stretch before walking long distances...

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Facts about Dizziness & Vertigo

Our ears are an integral part of our body that often gets taken for granted. Not many people know that your ears play a big role in your balance. Occasional dizziness is very common in adults...

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How Our Ears Hear

The human ear is divided into three parts leading up to the brain – the outer ear, middle ear and the inner ear...

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Types of Hearing Loss

The most common type of hearing loss is sometimes called “sensorineural” or “nerve deafness.” A common age-related sensorineural loss primarily affects high-frequency sounds...

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Noise-induced Hearing Loss: Jobs That Can Cause Hearing Loss

Did you know that working in a dangerously loud environment can affect your hearing? Yes, your job and work environment could be causing damage to your hearing...

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Hearing Aid Features 101

The recent advances in technology have greatly expanded the range of hearing aid features available on the market today...

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Why Regular Hearing Aid Maintenance Is Important

At Krista Szalc, Audiology, PLLC, we understand that a hearing aid is a big purchase for many people and in order to keep your hearing aid running optimally, you need to take care of it...

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Tips for Learning Sign Language

Everybody knows that learning a foreign language isn’t exactly an easy thing to do, and it can be even more challenging to learn American Sign Language because you are also learning to communicate with your hands...

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One-Sided Hearing Loss

One-sided hearing loss is a hearing problem where a person can hear normally through one ear but have a hearing impairment in the other ear...

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Hearing Loss: Facts vs. Myths

In order to separate the facts from the myths, below are several common misconceptions about hearing loss...

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Tips on How to Teach Your Hearing Impaired Child to Swim

Most people agree that swimming is fun and is an important skill to have in life, especially for children. Whether you’re on a beach holiday, hanging out at a local pool or fishing alongside a river...

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Take Our Free Hearing Screening

You deserve to live your best hearing life. This brief quiz will point you in the right direction...

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Glossary of Hearing Loss Terms

Here at Krista Szalc, Audiology, PLLC, we know there are many specialized words and phrases you might hear related to hearing loss, hearing care, and the hearing aid technology industry in general...

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