Are you having hearing aid problems? At the Hornell & Dansville Hearing Centers, we are committed to helping you throughout the entire life of your hearing aid. That is why we provide professional hearing aid services at an affordable cost. If you need hearing aid repairs and even just a simple hearing aid adjustment, our experienced hearing aid specialist is here to help.

Our wide range of hearing aid services include: Comprehensive Hearing Aid Consultations, Hearing Aid Fittings, Hearing Aid Repairs, Hearing Aid Adjustments, Hearing Aid Maintenance (including regular 6 month cleanings and preventative maintenance), and Hearing Aid Verification.

Common Hearing Aid Problems Include:

  • Hearing aid appears to be dead
  • Hearing aid is making a whistling sound
  • The sound from the hearing device is distorted
  • The sound level is lower or higher than usual
  • Hearing device goes on and off
  • Voice’s are echoing
  • I only hear sounds that I don’t want to hear

Our qualified audiologist can inspect your hearing aids to see if they need a good cleaning, adjustment or a more extensive repair. Regular maintenance is included with your purchase of new hearing aids and is highly recommended to extend the life of your investment. Some hearing aid repairs are even covered by the manufacturer. Contact one of the Hornell & Dansville Hearing Centers near you and schedule an appointment today.