At your first audiology appointment, our friendly doctor of audiology will get a case history from you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. This will include any relevant medical history, any recent complaints and/or symptoms you have had, and anything else related to your hearing loss problems.

We highly recommend you to consider bringing a family member or a close friend with you to the appointment, as it is good to have some support. It will be very helpful to have someone else present to help you communicate with the audiologist and to help remember and write down any necessary information.

A male patient gets an easy hearing test

Audiologists perform three main types of hearing loss tests:

Otoscopy: The audiologist will look in your ear canal with an otoscope and check for ear wax, blockages, or any other problems with your ear canal or ear drum.

Tympanometry: This will test your middle ear function. The audiologist will be looking to see how well your ear drum responds to sound pressure. This hearing test can detect anything that would inhibit motion of the eardrum like fluid, perforation, infection, or eustachian tube dysfunction.

Audiometry: This test actually consists of two types of tests: air conduction and bone conduction testing. You will be in a soundproof booth or room and will be asked to respond every time that you hear sounds.

These audiological tests shouldn’t be painful at all. Afterward, the audiologist will spend time explaining the results to you and what further services or referrals she recommends. The audiologist will determine whether hearing aids are appropriate for you, and if hearing aid assistance is necessary, she will work to find the best hearing aid solution for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle needs. If your audiologist believes that other medical issues need to be ruled out as the cause of your hearing loss or balance disorder, she may refer you to a specialist such as an ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor).

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